Technical data

  • super small - only 7,5 cm in diameter
  • super light - only 130 gram
  • Plastic coated stainless steel cable - 75 cm length
  • Diameter of cable 4 mm
  • High-quality materials - shock-proof case
  • patented 2-loop technique

Cylinder lock

The dust-proof protective casing of the robust cylinder lock keeps out damp and dirt - making sure your SAFEMAN® will go on locking things up efficiently for many years to come.


High-quality, non-corrosive materials and the plastic-coated, stainless-steel cable ensure a high degree of safety and make the safeman® particularly user-friendly.


The shock-proof case is resistant to fracture and along with the stainless steel cable is the perfect protection against light-fingered passers-by ... and such a lightweight, too.