N.B: SAFEMAN® locks automatically. You only need the key to release the cable when unlocking your SAFEMAN

1. Securing and Locking

Turn the SAFEMAN® star dial until the end of the security cable pops out.

Hold the SAFEMAN® star dial firmly. Take hold of the end of the security cable and in one go pull it out to the hilt. Loop the security cable around the equipment you wish to secure.

Thread the end of the security cable through one of the four openings in the black lock housing. Pull firmly to secure your equipment. Then form a second loop (place it around a stationary object, e. g. a ski rack) and then thread the security cable through one of the two remaining openings. Pull the security cable tight.

2 . Unlocking and releasing

To release the security cable unlock the SAFEMAN® with the key provided. Pull out the security cable through the openings.
N.B: The key cannot be removed from the lock until the security cable has been pulled out completely.

After use you can store your SAFEMAN® by rolling up the security cable again. Firmly take hold of the star dial again and steadily turn the housing in any direction.

SAFEMAN® how to use